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Terms & Conditions


Dates are secure upon payment of the booking fee, followed by an emailed contract. Sending the booking fee would be taken as agreement of the T&C’s and any quotes discussed with Natalie. Please note that for legal purposes, bookings cannot be confirmed without providing a UK address, email and contact number. This information will not be shared with any other parties.



All wedding make-up bookings require a non-refundable booking fee of £50.00. This amount will be deducted from the total balance of 'On-The-Day' wedding make-up. Please see 'Booking Fee Explained' for more details.



Weddings taking place on a Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday throughout the year would require a minimum spend of £305.00 to include a bride +3 other adults. (inclusive of the booking fee, excluding trials, moving and travel costs) In the event where a party member is excluded after the booking has been confirmed, leaving the balance below the minimum spend, full payment would still be required even if they are not having make-up applied. Please note that Natalie reserves the right to cancel her services with no reimbursement if the minimum spend is not covered.


​There is no minimum spend required for weddings taking place on a Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays) however, any party over 5 may require sourcing another make-up artist to assist depending on the time of the ceremony.



All other occasion make-up bookings, including parties and proms will require a non-refundable/non-transferable booking fee of £30.00 which will be deducted from the total balance of 'Day-Of-Event' make-up. Please see 'Payments' for more information on when balances are due.



Trials are a separate payment, not included in the cost of the minimum spend and are non-refundable under any circumstances once the service has been carried out. Cancellations from and with less than 14 days notice prior to the appointment would be non-refundable, but may be moved to another date with a 15% charge (Please see 'Rescheduling a Trial' for more details).



All payments for services provided are to be paid into the nominated account at least 14 days prior to a booked appointment. This information will be shown in the clients emailed contract after the booking fee has been received. Natalie reserves the right to cancel her services for any appointment with no reimbursement if payment is not made within this time.



Sending the booking fee would be taken as agreement of the T&C’s and any quotes discussed with Natalie. This amount covers the costs of administrative tasks as well as securing the date of a wedding or occasion. This is non-refundable/non-transferable and should be sent to the nominated account upon agreement. Failure to send the booking fee will result in the chosen date to be given to the next person or party waiting without prior consent.



For bookings where moving from one location to another is required, a flat rate of £15.00 will be applied to the total balance for the time spent packing away, moving and setting back up again. This is an additional fee separate to the cost of travel. Please be aware that moving can add up to 30 minutes onto the schedule time, therefore would apply even if moving is within the same complex, for example, from an on-site cottage/home to the manor/hotel next to it.



All confirmed bookings with Natalie having to be postponed due to local weather and/or any government restrictions, including pandemics, will be moved to the new date free of charge up until the end of the year, under updated prices. In the event where Natalie is not available for the new date requested, the booking fee would still stand as non-refundable, including any payments for travel and trials that have already been carried out.



Cancelling a confirmed booking from and with less than:

  • 8 weeks notice - 50% of the remaining balance would be required

  • 6 weeks notice - 75% of the remaining balance would be required

  • 30 days' notice - 100% of the remaining balance would be required

All cancellations will be followed by a Termination of Contract email. The booking fee will be treated as a cancellation fee and all completed trials and travel costs will be non-refundable.


When requesting the date of a trial to be moved from and with less than 14 days’ notice, a 15% charge will be applied to the total cost of the rearranged appointment. If an additional party member is no longer able to attend for any reason, giving from and with less than 14 days' notice, 30% of their payment would still be required due to the extra time Natalie has allocated. This will not be deducted from the final balance of make-up on the day of the wedding.



All travel is inclusive of mileage for up to a total of 10 miles from GL4 and back (This can also be defined as 5miles each way) Any amount of mileage over this will incur a fee of £0.75 per additional mile, which is added to the total balance of each appointment.


The client will be required to cover the charges when make-up services are being conducted, for example hotel and/or meter parking. The client would also be required to cover the costs of hotel accommodation in circumstances where it is more feasible for Natalie to be closer to the venue or preparation address.



Prior to any appointment, Natalie requires information on whether the client has any allergies. A plan will always be set in place, however, as the skin can have a sudden reaction to anything at anytime, in no event will Natalie Ricciardi MUA be held liable for damages.



Natalie Ricciardi may wish to take photos and videos of a clients' wedding morning to use for promotional purposes. However, this will only be done with prior consent.

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